Course Offerings

Course Offerings

The School of Humanities offers a wide variety of courses that focus on, or include, issues related to the Holocaust. Some are offered every semester, while others vary from year to year, or by instructor:

  • HIST 002, Western Experience II (GH, IL) (offered every spring):  a survey of European history since 1700 that includes brief attention to the Holocaust. 

  • CMLIT 110, Jewish Literature in International Perspective (GH, US, IL) (offered once a year): includes some literature on the Holocaust among other works by Jewish writers. 

  • HIST 143, History of Fascism and Nazism (GH, IL) (offered alternate years):  significant attention to anti-Semitism and the Holocaust as major elements of Nazi ideology and policy. 

  • HIST 144, The World at War, 1939-1945  (GH, IL) (offered alternate years):  significant attention to racism and the Holocaust as aspects of the Second World War, particularly in German-ruled Europe, but also as manifested in other countries (e.g., anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union and the U.S., where it was an obstacle to Jewish immigration). 

  • HIST 121, History of the Holocaust (offered every semester) the basic Holocaust survey course.  Students learn about the incremental steps taken by the Nazis to disenfranchise, ghettoize, and eventually exterminate the Jews of Europe (1933-45). 

  • CMLIT 153.02, International Literature and Film: Holocaust Film (semester offerings vary by instructor), Students compare and contrast American and European films with Holocaust themes.  The course examines how the events are depicted and wrestle with issues concerning trivialization and accuracy.  As there seems to be no abatement of interest in the subject, a discerning moviegoer needs to understand the limitations inherent in the subject matter, given the fact that the Holocaust generally "defies the probings of art." 

  • HIST 320, Contemporary World History (IL) (offered every fall):  significant attention to racism and the Holocaust as important aspects of global history since 1900; this course is required of majors in secondary education-social studies and an elective for others.

  • I HUM 410, Religion and Culture, Religion and the Holocaust (IL) (offered alternate years): Explores the response of the Christian churches to the persecution of Jews by the Nazis.  Discussions center on what could and/or should have been done and why many lay Christians and Christian theologians were not opposed to Nazi anti-Semitic ideology and anti-Jewish policies. Includes a discussion of Holocaust denial. 

  • I HUM 453, Texts and Culture: Holocaust Texts (semester offerings vary), Students read and analyze selected books, articles, essays, plays, and documents related to the Holocaust.

  • HUM 515, Seminar: Holocaust and Genocide Studies for Teachers: This course focuses on this interdisciplinary area and ways to incorporate it in high school English, history, humanities, and other courses.

  • Travel Courses: International study tours to Poland and Germany are also offered at various times. See the International Programs section of the Penn State Harrisburg Web site for upcoming tour information.