Program Requirements for Admission

Program Requirements for Admission

Note: In addition to the general prerequisites for admission to the Graduate School, the following is required by this degree program:

The concurrent programs require that the student first be admitted to the biomedical sciences program. Subsequently, the student is recommended for and applies for admission to the Graduate School for the Penn State Harrisburg M.S.I.S. program.

Application Requirements

The following are required for applicants:

Biomedical Sciences

Completed application; Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Score; A bachelor's degree reflecting a reasonable background in zoology or biology, mathematics and chemistry; a minimum junior/senior grade point average of 3.00 and with appropriate course backgrounds; two letters of recommendation; a curriculum vitae; a description of career goals. Reading knowledge of one or two foreign languages is recommended.

M.S.I.S. Programs

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School, as well as those listed in the Admission Requirements section above for the Master of Science degree. In addition, a letter of recommendation from the department chair of the biomedical sciences program is required.

Transfer and Additional Credits

No courses from the M.S.I.S. program may count toward the Ph.D. until the student is admitted to the biomedical sciences program. However, graduate-level courses taken in the M.S.I.S. program at Penn State Harrisburg or at another graduate-level institution may be applied to the M.S.I.S. in accordance with the transfer policies of Graduate Council.

It is anticipated that most students in the concurrent programs will require additional graduate credits in order to satisfy the entry and pre-program requirements in business administration. To earn the M.S. degree in Information Systems, students in the concurrent degree program must complete all of the degree requirements for the M.S. degree, described above. Six credits of biomedical sciences core requirement credits may be double-counted toward the M.S.I.S., and four credits of M.S.I.S. course work may be double-counted towards the BMS Ph.D. The six credits from BMS that are eligible to be double-counted are BMS 502 (3) and BMS 503 (3). The four credits of MSIS program that are eligible to be double-counted are the INFSY 540 (3) and INFSY 596 (1). Students must obtain a grade satisfactory to the program in order for the credits to be double-counted.