Campus Life

Digital series planned for new Commonwealth Campus students in summer programs

Penn State will deliver a robust virtual speaker series to new students enrolled at the Commonwealth Campuses this summer. Students in the Pathway to Success: Summer Start (PaSSS) and Summer Start programs will take classes and participate in activities including the new digital series and academies focused on technology, math and English.

Penn State plans to resume on-campus work and learning in fall semester

Following a three-month comprehensive planning process, Penn State officials have determined that the University can meet or exceed the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s guidelines for colleges and universities, and look forward to welcoming back faculty, staff and students to resume on-campus, in-person classes and other activities this fall in a limited fashion.

My road to commencement: Clinton Asalu

Clinton Asalu, who received his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Penn State Harrisburg this spring, said that the most influential five years of his life were spent as a Nittany Lion. He discusses what “life in blue and white” has meant to him.

My Road to Commencement: Clinton Asalu

Asalu said that being named captain of the basketball team, winning a championship, and receiving the Penn State Harrisburg Athletic Service Award were some of the best moments of his time at Penn State Harrisburg.