Honors Program Application Transfer Student

  • Applicant must be applying to Penn State Harrisburg as a transfer student.
    (Those who have attempted 18 or more college credits since their high school graduation.)
  • Change of campus Penn State students must apply through the Current Penn State Student application.


Your Information

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Educational Information

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Letter of Recommendation

Please ask your recommender to email their letter of recommendation to [email protected] with a Subject Line of the form 'Honors Letter of Recommendation for [student name]'.
Must be an instructor, counselor, or adviser.
At least one letter of recommendation must be submitted on your behalf. Letters must be from someone in a professional educational role, i.e. an instructor or adviser who constructively describe the quality of your academic work and your ability to be an honors student.
Application Essay

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The admission into an Honors Program is a privilege based on passion for learning in conjunction with the active satisfaction of a curious mind. At the core of an Honors student’s life is the lifelong commitment to excellence and a respect for the exchange of diverse ideas and for the people who value them. As a demonstration of both the clarity of your thinking and communication, convey in 1000 words or less the nature of an event/experience (travel, research work, volunteerism), a field of study, a mentor, a book, an electronic communication (website, podcast, etc.), support of a cause, or any other influences that has significantly shaped your views. Within the essay, specifically comment on the following: 1. How may the above contribute to your research or creative project, a hallmark of the Honors programs; alternatively, how may it have motivated you to explore other fields or topics contributing to the broadening of your development and knowledge base. 2. How do you envision your character, values, interests, and skills enriching Penn State Harrisburg, and how might they foster a more interesting and diverse learning community for all students.
Attach a copy of your most recent college transcript. If this document contains sensitive information, such as your social security number, redact it with black marker before submitting.
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I understand that this application does not guarantee the acceptance into the Honors Program. I give permission to have my academic record shared with the Selection Committee of the Honors Program.