Penn State Harrisburg pilots new podcast, the ‘Harrisburg Huddle’

First season focuses on five of the college’s many graduate programs
Faculty member Dan Mallinson viewed through a camera lens

Penn State Harrisburg faculty member Dan Mallinson is viewed through a camera lens.

Credit: Sharon Siegfried/Penn State Harrisburg

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – Penn State Harrisburg has piloted a new podcast, titled the "Harrisburg Huddle," which explores the programs, research and people of the college. Each episode features conversations focusing on the real experiences of students, faculty and staff.

This pilot season showcases five of Penn State Harrisburg’s many graduate degrees and features a faculty member and a current student or graduate of the program.

Episodes are released biweekly on Friday mornings. Those interested are able to subscribe to the podcast. Each episode also has a video version available on Spotify and YouTube.

For more information, visit the Harrisburg Huddle website.