New African American studies minor offered at Penn State Harrisburg

female looking at books on shelf
Credit: Adobe Stock/Samuel B.

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. — Penn State Harrisburg’s School of Humanities, this spring, began offering a minor in African American studies designed for students interested in African American culture and the educational, social, political and economic development of people of African descent in the United States.

“Adding this minor to the offerings at Penn State Harrisburg is very exciting,” said Beatrice Epwene, assistant teaching professor of communications and adviser for the minor. “We look forward to providing students with the necessary tools to better navigate the world today — to become productive members, contributing to greater understanding in making our country and world even better. We are excited that our students have begun taking advantage of this learning opportunity.”

An interdisciplinary minor, African American studies offers a menu of courses in a variety of disciplines, including sociology, history, economics, criminal justice, religious studies, women's studies, theater, music, education and literature.

The minor, which is open to all students, provides an opportunity to explore the experiences of African Americans using theories and methods originating in the field. Students are made aware of the potential to apply such knowledge to the solution of social, political and economic problems. The minor also promotes greater understanding of the relationship between African Americans and other ethnic groups.

“We are pleased to add the African American studies minor to our offerings, which will provide students with another opportunity to add depth to their major course of study,” said Jeffrey P. Beck, director of the School of Humanities. "We hope courses in the minor will speak to the needs of our students and of society at large."