Penn State Harrisburg library announces short writing contest winners

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. -- The Penn State Harrisburg library invited students, faculty, and staff to tell a story about games this fall for the short writing contest, “For the Love of the Game.” Two students and two faculty members received wins and honorable mentions in the contest.

Winners include senior English major Jules Freidly for “The Ephrata Girl,” senior English major Cassidy Snyder for “Deadly Games,” and Assistant Teaching Professor of English Ashley Cowger, for “The Final Score.” Sara Stevenson, an adjunct professor of English, received an honorable mention for “Playing in the Woods.”

Submissions were evaluated by an editorial board of writers and librarians at Penn State Harrisburg. Winners were chosen based on originality, relation to the contest theme, and skill/style. Winning entries and honorable mentions are now published to the Short Edition Story Machine in the library and are also available online at

The University Libraries have held short story contests to share Penn State community writing through the Short Edition story machines located at University Park. Last year, Harrisburg Library received its very own Short Edition story machine.

Penn State Harrisburg business librarian and library outreach coordinator Emily Mross said, “We have a fabulous community of writers at Penn State Harrisburg, and we envisioned our own short writing contest as a way to highlight their talent and imagination and provide a Harrisburg-focused opportunity for getting published.”

Mross added that getting involved as a writer and a reader helps connect students to the campus community. “The Harrisburg Library has something for everyone – maybe you don't have time to read a full book, but the Short Edition story machine provides an opportunity for the campus community to enjoy reading in short bursts -- as little as one minute,” she said. “If you are interested in writing, it is a great way to get published and get noticed by those with writing expertise. There are even opportunities for students to serve as judges on the editorial board.”

There will be another Harrisburg short writing contest in the spring. The theme will be related to this year's Penn State Harrisburg Reads book, “Just Mercy.” Writers should check the Short Edition website for details of upcoming or ongoing contests and to submit their work.