Penn State Harrisburg offers summer courses, financial aid for educators

Dr. Reuben Asempapa with students
Credit: Penn State

Penn State Harrisburg delivers a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs for teachers throughout the summer. Courses vary in length and format to fit busy schedules.

Options for educators include:

Educator’s Award

The college’s Educators Award will provide $500 per semester and recognition to outstanding students enrolling in the literacy education or teaching and curriculum master’s programs at Penn State Harrisburg.

To be eligible, students must be enrolled or plan to enroll in approved programs. Students must have been accepted by the college’s School of Behavioral Sciences and Education as a degree student in one of the approved programs and must register for a minimum of three (3) credits. 

Financial assistance will be provided until the student graduates or withdraws from Penn State Harrisburg. To maintain eligibility, students must hold a cumulative grade point average of 3.00. This award is only for students attending Penn State Harrisburg.

For more information, visit Summer Courses for Educators