Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Computer Science

Designed to prepare students for employment in industry/ government or for further study in a doctoral program, this program emphasizes practical concerns and theoretical background, providing students with the skills and knowledge to perform a variety of tasks, including the development of:

  • Scientific and engineering applications
  • Safety and/or security critical systems
  • Systems software
  • Distributed applications
  • Solutions to computationally hard problems

While not intended as preparation for subsequent entrance to a Ph.D. program, this goal is not precluded. After specific course requirements are met, students may select appropriate electives to suit their individual interests within the program. Anticipated areas of interest include software engineering, systems programming, computer network and security, and artificial intelligence.

Degree Conferred: M.S.

Transfer Credits and Course Substitutions

Students who believe that they have completed a course substantially similar to one of the specific course requirements may apply to have their previous work evaluated for possible exemption from that requirement. If the exemption is granted, another approved course shall be taken in place of that required course. A maximum of 9 transfer credits will be allowed for course work completed as a graduate student at another institution.

Grade-Point Average

A minimum grade-point average of 3.0 must be earned for course work approved by the program taken as a graduate student.