The MPA degree program requires 36 graduate credits (3 credits per course): 18 in core courses, 15 in electives and 3 for a capstone course. Up to 6 credits of 400-level courses may be taken as electives, with the approval of an advisor. In addition, a 3 credit 300 hour internship is required of students who do not have at least two years of full-time relevant work experience, which consists of supervisory, managerial or professional work. The internship is waived for students with this experience before they enter the program or who gain it by working full-time during their enrollment in the program. If this occurs, students must apply for the waiver.

Transfer Credits and Course Substitutions

A student can transfer 15 nondegree credits and 10 credits from an external institution as long as they have been taken within the last five years and if the student has earned a grade of B or better. Course substitutions are considered on an individual basis as they are requested.

Grade-Point Average and Time Limit

The program, including an internship in a public agency or nonprofit organization, requires 18 to 24 months of full-time study, or three to five years on a part-time basis. Students must have a 3.00 grade-point average to graduate. All course work and requirements must be completed within an eight-year period from the time of first enrollment in the program.

Completion Rates, Academic Year 2011-12
Status Residential Online
Full time students 75% 87.50%
Part time students 59.10% 63.10%

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