Prerequisite Courses (may be waived)

PADM 500 Public Organization and Management (or equivalent)
Development of basic concepts and issues in public administration; administrative theory and public policy processes

PADM 507 Introduction to Public Policy Analysis (or equivalent)
Introduction to the analysis of public policy within its organizational and political contexts, including an emphasis on an economic perspective.

Required Doctoral Courses

PADM 503 Research Methods
Introduction to research methods relevant to public administration and public policy

PADM 570 Scope and Methods of Public Administration
Seminar on the history of public administration and its theories

PADM 571 Seminar in Organizational Theory
Seminar on selected theories of organizations and their applications to the study of public organizations

PADM 572 Research and Theory in Public Budgeting and Finance
Seminar on the seminal theories and literature on budgeting and financial administration

PADM 573 Research and Theory in Public Policy and Governance
Seminar on the seminal theories of public policy processes and policy analysis

PADM 574 Research and Theory in Public Management
Seminar on public management theories

PADM 575 Advanced Research Design
Seminar on research design issues in preparing doctoral dissertations