Thanks much for a great semester. I had a great time and learned a lot about Pennsylvania politics."
Kyle Miller
Interned with Democratic State Senator Anthony Williams in Summer

One of the most rewarding aspects of this job is the opportunity to meet and speak with many people who are in the forefront of legislation.”  

Christina Pastrana

I found the Harrisburg Semester program to be incredibly beneficial to my academic and professional development. Upon entering the program, I knew I was interested in politics and law, and the program only sharpened my focus. My internship experience offered me a rare opportunity to undertake a hands-on role in policy analysis and develop an intimate knowledge with how an independent Commonwealth agency operates, and develop analytical and writing skills beneficial to my undergraduate, professional and legal studies.”  

Chris Hagen-Frederiksen
Schreyer Honor student

Politics is harder than you think—and more fun than you can imagine! It was a pleasure working with Almir throughout this semester.”  

Mark Singel
Intern Supervisor
Lobbyist and former Pennsylvania lieutenant Governor

The student showed an impressive knowledge when it came to key political issues, players, and policy. He also was very adept at working on database management, and much of his work in the area was very precise.”  

Cody Harbaugh
Intern Supervisor

Matthew excelled in many areas seldom seen in other legislative interns. He was able to take minimal direction to complex research projects on his own time....

Jon Hopcraft
Intern Supervisor
Executive Director of the Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee