Degree Requirements

The student is required to take a minimum of 30 credits in American Studies, including at least 18 credits in the 500 series; AM ST 500, 591, and AM ST 580 or 600 are required. AM ST 500 should be taken within the first two semesters of study; AM ST 591 should be taken in the last two semesters of study. Usually in the last semester, students are required to complete their program with a major paper by taking AM ST 580 or thesis in which case AM ST 600 is taken. The choice of AM ST 580 to fulfill graduation requirements is for an original scholarly master’s paper or project. One to 6 credits in AM ST 580 can be earned; the typical number of credits for the culminating project is three. The choice of AM ST 600 is for a thesis and is taken for 6 credits. The thesis must follow the guidelines established by the Graduate School Thesis Office. (See

Advanced undergraduate courses (400-level) that have not counted toward a student’s undergraduate degree may be considered for transfer into the graduate student’s requirement of 30 credits of American Studies with permission of the program and approval of the Graduate School. At least 20 of the 30 credits must be earned at the Harrisburg location where the program is offered. Courses not having an American Studies designation but which are relevant to American Studies may be considered for inclusion in the 30-credit requirement with permission of the program.

Graduate courses carry numbers from 500 to 599 and 800 to 899. Advanced undergraduate courses numbered between 400 and 499 may be used to meet some graduate degree requirements when taken by graduate students. Courses below the 400 level may not. A graduate student may register for or audit these courses to make up defi ciencies or to fi ll in gaps in previous education but not to meet requirements for an advanced degree.

Transfer Credits and Course Substitutions

Transfer credits are limited to 9 equivalent American Studies credits with a grade of B or better in the last five years from an accredited graduate institution.

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