Sarah Wilson
Ph.D. Candidate

David Puglia
Ph.D. Candidate and Lecturer in American Studies

Semontee Mitra
Ph.D. Student

I can say, without exaggeration, that my pursuit of American Studies at Penn State-Harrisburg transformed my life. The content of the courses provided me with the knowledge and skills I needed for work in the arts. My instructors shared their learning and perspectives with me and my fellow students with a remarkable mix of scholarly passion and personal rapport.
Matt Singer
Senior Museum Writer and Communications Officer, Philadelphia Museum of Art

The expansive, interdisciplinary training in American Studies that I received at Penn State Harrisburg enabled me to competently teach a variety of courses across the humanities, which unquestionably played a significant factor in landing my current tenure-track position. My research methods and scholarly writing/ editing skills also vastly improved under the tutelage of the American Studies program's faculty. During the course of my education in American Studies at Penn State Harrisburg, where I was supported at every turn, I learned to have confidence in vigorously exploring the dimensions of American folk culture that commanded my passion and attention as teacher, researcher, and writer.
Trevor J. Blank
Assistant Professor of Communication, State University of New York at Potsdam