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  • Cultural Analysis
    Dr. Buccitelli of the American Studies faculty at Penn State Harrisburg is co-editor of Cultural Analysis, an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal associated with the Society for International Ethnology and Folklore and dedicated to investigating expressive and everyday culture. The journal features analytical research articles, notes, reviews, and cross-disciplinary responses that are available in full-text versions online. Cultural Analysis is global in scope, with an international editorial board.

  • Keystone Folklore
    Keystone Folklore Quarterly
    Keystone Folklore was the publication of the Pennsylvania Folklore Society and featured important early works in folklife and material culture, public folklore, and ethnic-urban folklore, many produced by students at the folklore and folklife program at the University of Pennsylvania

  • Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Review
    Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Newsletter
    Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Review was the publication of the Jewish Folklore and Ethnology section of the American Folklore Society, before the establishment of the Jewish Cultural Studies series published by Littman. It featured many special-themed issues, including Yiddish folklore, material culture, folk dance, foodways, pilgrimage, Israeli ethnography, folk literature, and Jews in the Heartland

  • Folklore Historian
    Folklore Historian is the still active publication of the History and Folklore Section of the American Folklore Society. Back issues feature essays on the history of folklore studies globally as well as studies incorporating or reflecting on historical methodologies; special issues include "Theorizing Folklore," "Symposium on the Contributions of Francis James Child to Folklore Studies," "Martha Beckwith: The First American Chair of Folklore Studies."

  • Material Worlds Series, University Press of Kentucky

  • Pennsylvania German History and Culture Series, Pennsylvania State University Press

  • Jewish Cultural Studies Series, Littman Library of Jewish Civilization (Oxford)

  • Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies

  • World Folklore Series, Libraries Unlimited

  • Folk Life: Journal of Ethnological Studies