Off-Campus Housing Roommate Selection Service

More than 80 percent of the undergraduate students attending Penn State Harrisburg live off campus or commute from home. These students take advantage of all the opportunities that the college has to offer and have a full and exciting college experience.

Our current on-campus housing facilities are not able to accommodate all of the students who wish to live on campus. For this reason, we provide some additional assistance to students, especially new incoming freshmen, to help them find convenient off-campus housing as well as a roommate matching service.

This service is voluntary. After you complete the roommate request form, we will verify your information and enrollment status. Upon verification, we will send you the appropriate list of available roommates via email. This service is only available to students who have been offered admission to Penn State Harrisburg and have paid their deposit.

Please let us know if you find a roommate or if you have made other plans so that we can take you off of the list. If you still need this service next term, you will need to fill out another request, so that your information can be updated. Email any questions to Thank you.


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