Sara Imanpour, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Health Administration, School of Public Affairs
Olmsted Building, W160C
  • Immigrant Health
  • Qualitative Research
  • Antibiotic Stewardship

 2022. McMaughan, D.J., Imanpour, S., Mulcahy, A, Jones, J., & Criss, M. Mental health related hospitalizations among adolescents and emerging adults with autism in the United States: A cross-sectional analysis of hospital data. Autism. 

2022. Aftab, Ammar.; Imanpour, S.; Quasi-Experimental Study of Same-Sex Marriage Law and Sexually Transmitted Infections. Public Health in Practice.

2021. McMaughan, D. K.; Ozmetin, J.; Welch, M.; Mulcahy, A.; Imanpour, S.; Beverly, J.; Naiser, E.; Framing the front door: co-creating a home health care assessment of service need for children with disabilities. Home Health Care Services Quarterly. 

2017. Imanpour, S.; Nwaiwu, O.; McMaughan, D.; Bashir, A.; Factors associated with antibiotic prescriptions for the viral origin diseases in office-based practices 2006–2012. The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

2016. McMaughan, D. K.; Nwaiwu, O.; Zhao, H.; Frentzel, E.; Mehr, D.; Imanpour, S. (corresponding author); Garfinkel, S.; Phillips, C. Impact of a decision-making aid for suspected urinary tract infections on antibiotic overuse in nursing homes. The BMC Geriatrics, Vol. 16 (81), p.1.

2015. Phillips, C.; Nwaiwu, O.; Lin, S.; Edwards, R.; Imanpour, S.; Ohsfeldt, M.R. Concealed handgun licensing and crime in four states. Journal of Criminology, Vol 1. 2015.

2012. Alavi, M.; Etemad, K.; Mahdavi, A.; Imanpour, S.; Rahman, R.; Haider, M.; Frank, J. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Iran – Experience from the National Diabetes Program. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, Vol. 6(2), p. 156–166.

2010. Mohammadpourasl, A.; Sahebi Hagh, M.H.; Rostami, F.; Seyed Rasouli, A.; Akbari, H.; Jebraeili, M.; Mousavipour Shirifard, M.; Imanpour, S. Factors related to undesirable growth of six-month to two-year-old children in Tabriz, Iran. Journal of Gorgan University of Medical Science, Vol. 12.(3), p. 45–50.

2009. Mazaheri, E.; Imanpour, S.; Ahmadzadeh, E. The study of patient education in the heart ward of Bu-Ali Hospital administrated by Ardebil University of Medical Sciences. 2nd Scientific & Research National Symposium of Medical Science Students, Ardebil University of Medical Science, Ardebil, Iran, 20–22 April.

2006. Imanpour, S. Analysis of patient reaction to hospital choice in internal medicine and surgery wards of Sina and Imam Khomeini Hospital (Tabriz, Iran). 4th National Conference on Health Management, Shiraz University of Medical Science, Shiraz, Iran, 16–20 April.

Ph.D., (Texas A&M University)

M.B.A., (Tehran Azad University)

B.A., (Tabriz University of Medical Science)

HADM 546
HADM 552
HPA 455
HPA 853