Educational Support Services

Educational Support Services

Educational Support Services

Peer Mentor And Academic Support

Peer mentor supports is available to students who enroll in the program. Current Penn State Harrisburg undergraduate students and graduate students work as peer mentors. Prior to working with students, peer mentors undergo background checks as required by state law and Penn State University policy. They receive training in their role prior to the beginning of the semester and throughout the school year.

Job Coaching Support

The program includes the services of a job coach/employment specialist to assist in identifying employment skills and preferences. A job coach will also accompany the students to job sites and shadow employees at the work sites of our employer partners. The employment specialist works with the student to identify their interests and preferences to identify vocational themes that lead to practicum experiences. Experienced job coaches provide assistance in identifying jobs that match the students’ skills and interests.

Student Orientation

An orientation for students and their families takes place prior to the beginning of the semester. Students and families are notified well in advance of the date. The orientation addresses coursework expectations, planned career exploration, volunteer opportunities, peer mentor support, and support services available to students on campus. In addition, students are invited to general student orientation activities that occur at various dates throughout the semester.

Person-Centered Planning

Penn State Harrisburg has adopted a person-centered planning process for the Career Studies program that is based on a successful model designed by the University of South Florida.  The Lion Tracks person-centered planning process recognizes and supports the student’s individual personal plans, hopes, and dreams for life and work.  This planning process begins with the student’s interview and orientation and continues throughout the program.

Program Information - Fall 2018 and Spring 2019






Tuition and Fees Per Semester

Program fee:  $6,595.00

  • Customer Relations and Life Transitions Coursework
  • Career Exploration and Employment Specialist Support
  • Peer Mentor Support of 14 hours per week
  • Program Coordination

Tuition and fees for enrollment in an academic course:  $1,935.00

  • Tuition per 3 credit academic course:  $1,776.00* (approximate)
  • Student Initiated Fee $73.00 (less than 5 credits)
  • Information Technology Fee - $86.00 (less than 5 credits

*Tuition and Program Fees Per Semester = approximately $8,530.00

*Exact Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 tuition rates are typically announced summer 2018. See

Additional Fees:

Academic Course Required Textbook(s)

Students are responsible to purchase the required textbook for their academic courses. Textbook information is available from the campus bookstore and text may be purchased through the campus bookstore.

Additional Support

One-to-one assistance or additional peer mentor support may be available for an additional cost. Please discuss additional support needs during the interview and mention the need in the application.

Fall 2018 Semester Dates: August 20 – December 14, 2018

Spring 2019 Semester Dates: January 7 – May 3, 2019