Logistics and, more broadly supply chain management, is a rapidly evolving field. Goods movements through South Central Pennsylvania are predicted to increase by just under 80% through 2030 [1]. As a result, there are a substantial number of supply chain management job opportunities available. Graduates from this program will not only learn the five basic supply chain management processes (Source, Make, Deliver, Plan, and Return), but they will also learn modern industry-standard project management techniques for keeping projects on scope, on time and, on (or within) budget, while utilizing resources efficiently. The program is specifically geared toward several major supply chain activities in the region: distribution, procurement, customer service, and transportation.

Graduates of the program will be able to perform the following functions:

  • Evaluate various forecasting methods to estimate demand
  • Model inventory decisions including setting order quantity, reorder point, and safety stock
  • Determine best shipping mode based on modal and shipment characteristics
  • Determine best storage method for a particular SKU based on storage quantity and annual demand
  • Explain trade-offs for different picking methods
  • Explain the trade-offs involved with the strategic sourcing process
  • Manage a project including resources, completion date, and cost

[1] Cambridge Systematics, Inc., Global Insight, PB Farradyne, and A. Strauss-Wieder, Inc. (2006), South Central Pennsylvania Regional Goods Movement Study

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