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The School of Business Administration at Penn State Harrisburg offers a variety of information technology degrees. The various Bachelor of Science degrees include information systems, information sciences and technology, human centered design and development, cybersecurity analytics and operations, and security and risk analysis. Our technology students are expected to apply the core concepts of the academic majors to solve real world problems. To achieve this goal, our students are encouraged to engage in experiential service learning projects throughout their academic journey.

Through these service learning projects, students use their understanding of technology and technical skillsets to make significant contributions to the local community by collaborating with Community Partners: nonprofit organizations, local government agencies, and small to medium enterprises. Over the course of a semester (or multiple semesters, depending on the scale of the project), students work with the Community Partners to design or enhance public facing websites or social media accounts, prototype mobile apps, develop IT strategic plans, develop IT security audits, or work on more advanced systems projects typically during the senior capstone courses.

Community Partners will need to identify appropriate stakeholders to serve as primary points of contact for the students. Stakeholder engagement includes meeting with students several times a month throughout the semester, communicating via Zoom, phone, and email, and, when necessary, providing relevant feedback, content, and resources for the project. While there is no fee associated with the projects, each Community Partner is expected to secure their own domain, hosting services, and other project related fees.

Our school is always looking for community entities to partner with our students for technology centered projects, so we encourage you to submit projects for consideration. We allow students to choose their own projects, so it will be up to the students to decide if your project is selected. Within the next few months, we will be launching an online form that organizations can use to submit their projects for consideration, and our hope is to build a catalog of projects for students to choose from. We welcome your project ideas to support that effort.

Contact Kelsey Kirk or Dr. Roderick Lee for more information.

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