School of Business Event Request Form

  • For SBA Faculty use only.
  • All information is required unless otherwise noted, as it is needed for making reservations in the 25Live event scheduling system.
  • First Year Seminar events must be approved by the FYS group prior to submitting this form
  • Please submit your event request at least three weeks prior to the event; approval is not guaranteed.
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The Display Name will be used in marketing materials, such as the online Event Calendar and digital signage around campus. It should be descriptive but brief.
A brief but well-written account of what kind of event this is and why someone might be interested in the event.
  • For optimal display, we recommend that your most important information appears in the first 300 characters (2-3 sentences)
  • Include links to websites for further information about the event, when the doors open for the event, where interested parties can get tickets, the cost of tickets, etc.
  • If applicable, include RSVP details, e.g. an Engage or Eventbrite link and a contact e-mail and/or phone number for more information
  • Don't include date, time, location, or any other information that is already part of the event entry
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