Transfer of Credits

Nine credits of course work in biomedical sciences may be transferred toward the M.B.A., subject to program approval. Students must obtain a grade satisfactory to the M.B.A. program in order for the credits to be transferable. Nine credits of M.B.A. coursework may be transferred for credit toward the Ph.D. degree, subject to the approval of the Biomedical Sciences program.

Advising of Students

All students in the concurrent program have two advisers, one in the School of Business Administration, and one from the faculty in the Biomedical Sciences program. Because the concurrent program is designed to be taken in synchrony with the objective that both degrees will be earned simultaneously, students who do not demonstrate progress toward completion of both degrees may be denied continuation in the concurrent program. Such a decision will rest jointly with the faculties of the M.B.A. and the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. programs.

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