All students in the concurrent program have two advisers, one in the School of Business Administration and one from the faculty in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. Because the concurrent program is designed to be taken in synchrony with the objective that both degrees will be earned simultaneously, students who do not demonstrate progress toward completion of both degrees may be denied continuation in the concurrent program. Such a decision will rest jointly with the faculties of the M.S.I.S. and the Ph.D. programs. If students accepted into the concurrent degree program are unable to complete the Ph.D. degree, they are still eligible to receive the M.S.I.S. degree if all the M.S.I.S. degree requirements have been satisfied.

Student Aid

Graduate assistantships available to students in this program and other forms of student aid are described in the Student Aid section of the Graduate Bulletin. There are a limited number of scholarships, fellowships, and research grants available, as well as several graduate assistantships. For more information on these, contact Penn State Harrisburg’s School of Business Administration.
Many students work full-time and take classes part-time. In many cases, employers have a tuition-reimbursement plan paying for partial or full tuition. To find other options available to you, contact one of the following offices: Financial Aid Office, 717-948-6307 or Admissions, 717-948-6250.

Graduate School Assistantships

Full time graduate students who are interested in an assistantship should contact the graduate program coordinator. Students must be nominated for an assistantship by their program coordinator. Students applying for an assistantship should submit scores from the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or similar examinations by January 30. Students on graduate assistantships must adhere to the course load limits set forth in the Graduate Bulletin.

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