Hartzler Travel Award Application for Honor Students

For questions: Contact Ms. Stephanie Ponnett at 717-948-6062 or [email protected] . Deadline Date is Friday, October 27, 2023

Student Information
(e.g. 912345678)
Expected Graduation
(e.g. 2014)
(e.g. 0.0 - 4.0)
Please Check All That Apply
For the upcoming Spring Semester, please indicate status:
Student Status
Honors Requirements
  • List the courses that you are taking and will take to satisfy honors requirements
  • For each, provide Course Number and Title
  • Example: HONOR 301H, The Role of Knowledge in Society
Other Travel Award Information
Describe any current involvement in college and/or community-related activities:
Indicate the trip or study tour in which you plan to participate:
Reference Information
In the spaces provided below, please list two references.

  • References should not be relatives.
  • They should be knowledgeable about you, your work and extracurricular activities.
  • At least one should be a faculty member.
Reference 1
(e.g. (123) 456-7890)
Reference 2
(e.g. (123) 456-7890)
Required Essay
Below, submit a short personal essay (no more than one page if typed double spaced) that

  1. describes why you believe that your selected international trip will contribute to
    1. your educational goals
    2. your career goals
    3. your lifelong learning stance
  2. describes what characteristics, background, and academic qualifications you have that will contribute to the success of this trip.
I understand that travel awards are awarded for specific semesters and are not transferable to other semesters. I also understand if I am offered an award, I must enroll for the appropriate number of credits at Penn State Harrisburg during the award period to receive the award. I give permission to have my academic record shared with the Hartzler Travel Award Committee.
Acknowledgement Option