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Sonya Mann-McFarlane is receiving this award because of her dissertation on Rites of Passage Programs for African American emerging adults. This is a much needed area of research that gives adult educators new means of working with such emerging adults from a culturally-responsive perspective. Her work promises to make an important contribution to both the literature and to culturally-responsive educational practice.

During his internship with the communications office of our athletics department, Oscar Cartagena produced an astonishing number of social media posts that included written stories and photography, as well as videos he wrote, shot, edited, and posted to the department's social media accounts. The athletic department saw a dramatic increase in activity due to Oscar's outstanding, consistent, and creative content. His videos were developed after researching professional sports teams' posts designed to tell their athletes' stories, and he actively challenged himself to produce stronger and stronger content. Oscar is an outstanding student and put all of the skills and tools he gained through the communications program to work for the athletic department during his internship. He is well deserving of the Media Arts Award (Undergraduate).

Ms. Debashree is well deserving of the outstanding science student award due to her excellent academic performance (GPA 4.0) and participation with several faculty members in the program both as an undergraduate research student and serving as TA for several courses. Her research work on the effects of Moringa oleifera extract on a model of diabetic kidney disease and the role of lncRNA in neuron differentiation was submitted to the PAS 2020 conference. In addition, Ms. Debashree is a recipient of the Zeigler STEM scholarship, Women Helping Women scholarship, and the Ackroyd Family Healthier Days Scholarship awards. Her outreach activities extend into a variety of extracurricular activities as well both within and outside of the Penn State Harrisburg campus (1+1 Design thinking with Prof. Rios and Dr. Hill, with the Cubs Who Care student club, and at the University of Maryland hospital.

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