Mentee Application

The objective of Global Lions Mentor (GLM) program is to support international students with their transition into Penn State Harrisburg life and to encourage community involvement for a successful transition.  

All new international students within their first semester are eligible for this program.  You will be put in contact with two GLMs. These peer mentors are volunteers and could be an American or international student.

If interested, please complete this application.

Any questions should be directed to Wendy Moynihan, Coordinator of GLM,  

(e.g. 912345678)
If not known yet, please provide as it becomes available.
Contact Information
By initialing and submitting this form, I hereby agree to participate in this program to the best of my ability. I understand that: Global Lion Mentors will contact me according to our arrangement. I agree to communicate respectfully and direct any questions or concerns about life at Penn State Harrisburg to my Global Lion Mentors. In case of any problem, I will contact the office of International Student Support Services. I understand that I am required to provide feedback regarding Global Lion Mentors to the coordinator.