ME/MET Laboratory

Lab Manager: Bill Bernhart, [email protected], 717-948-6230

Dock Area

Contains one Powermatic 10 in heavy duty pedestal grinder, one Clausing Covel tool grinder machine, one Fairbanks 500 lb cap platform scale, and one plastic injecting machine.

Machine Shop

Contains one Has TL-1 toolroom CNC lathe, one Grob metal band saw, one Rockwell 8” medium duty pedestal grinder, one Harvy Butterfly surface grinder with magnetic table, three Jet GBH-1340A 12” engine lathes, one Southbend 17” engine lathe, one Ooya RE-1225H radial arm drill press, one Rockwell radial arm drill press, one Clausing three-head drill press table, one Rockwell ¼” cap ultra high speed drill press, one Sajo horizontal milling machine, one magnetic table for mills, one Gorton vertical milling machine, one Jet vertical milling machine, one Alliant vertical milling machine with DRO, four workbenches with vices, two Yausa divider heads for gear cutting, two Cincinnati divider rotary tables, one Jet model 1652 pneumatic sheet metal shears, one Enco 16 gage sheet metal brake, one Heinrich 16 gage bench top hole punch machine, one Herman Stone Co. 24x36 granite surface plate, one Dake 3 ton table-mounted arbor press, one tapping machine stand, one Wellsaw 10x18” horizontal cutoff saw, one Speedaire air compressor, one Jet model HN-16N hand notcher, one Bausch & Lomb manual operation optical comparator, and one 2 ½ ton pallet jack.

Tool Room

Contains two digital surface roughness gages.

CNC Laboratory

Contains one Haas CNC mini mill milling machine, one Haas ST-10y CNC turning center with live tooling, two Haas controller trainers, one Birmingham centroid operated CNC knee mill, one Scherr Tumico model 20-3500 digital optical comparator, and one HP laser printer.

Additive Manufacturing Laboratory

Contains one U-Print 3D printer with material packs and soak tank and one Makerbot z18 3D printer.


Contains assorted waves for mold-making, nine flasks with rubber bases, and one wax injector pot.

Computer Design Lab

Contains 30 Dell computers for students, one Dell computer for instructor with overhead project control, one instructor-controlled DVD/VHS player, one HP model 5200 high speed printer, 28 drafting/computer tables, and six drafting height computer-only tables.

Metallurgy Laboratory

Contains two Buehler two position polishing tables, three Bausch & Lomb microscopes, one Reichert microscope, two Buehler benchtop polishing stands, two Ohaus triple beam balances, Buehler Co. samples of microscopic grain structures, two chem lab type heating plates, one standard household refrigerator, one KitchenAid mixer, one vacuum pump, and one 10” Enco bell jar.

Instrumentation Laboratory

Contains one Tinius Olsen 300,000 lb. Super “L” upgraded with Instron Inc. computer interface, six lab benches with locking drawers, six Dell computers, six digital osicascopes, one Ohaus 22 lb. cap digital scale, one Ohaus 4.4 lab cap digital scale, reaction torque transducers, cable assemblies, LED displays, one arbitrary function generator, one miniature shaker kit, and one triax force link.

Welding Laboratory

Contains one Hobart model TG-302 stick/TIG welding machine, one Hobart model RC300 MIG welding machine, one Lincoln Electric TIG225 precision welder, one MillerMatic 212 MIG welder, one portable MIG welding machine Weld Pack 100, two oxy/acet torch sets with tanks and cart, one Hypertherm ½” thickness cap plasma cutter, five standard welding helmets, five auto-darkening welding helmets, 10 pairs of cutting goggles, one Paragon Box heat treating furnace, two heavy duty work benches, three steel welding tables, leather welding gloves, high temperature glass fiber gloves, one Di-Acro Houdaille narrow stock metal bender, two Lincoln Electric fume extractors, and one Lincoln Electric TorchMate CNC plasma cutter with water table.

Casting Laboratory

Contains one Ecco Gr-8 high frequency generator, one program-built centrifugal caster, and Ecco ceramic crucibles.

Woodworking Laboratory

Contains one Craftsman 10” table saw, one Craftsman 10” 3hp radial arm saw, one Grizzly 15” 3hp planer, one Grizzly 6”x46” jointer, one Grizzly 14” ¾hp band saw, one Grizzly combo belt/disc sander, one Grizzly 16” variable speed scroll saw, one Grizzly tool table for scroll saw, one Milwaukee 14” cut-off machine/chop saw, and one Dayton TG80a bench-mounted 8” polishing buffer.

Automotive Laboratory

Contains two 2 ½ ton floor jacks, four Lincoln 2-ton jack stands, one Omega 25 ton hydraulic jack press, one Central Hydraulics 12 ton pipe bender, two workbenches, one Power Drive DC-AC inverter, and one Innovative Motor Sports exhaust analyzer.

Control and Vibrations Laboratory (EAB 101)

This is a 1188 sq. ft. lab space that contains six Quanser single robotic arms, one Explorer II hydraulic trainer, one program-built hydraulic experimental test rig, vibration sensors, one impulse force hammer, one digital pressure sensor, PLC series 30 microcontrollers with Logic Master package, one data acquisition system with hardware and Labview software, one Matlab for data analysis, one Parker Hannifin pneumatic trainer, one GS2-22P0 2.0hp AC drive 230V, one GS2-11P0 1.0hp AC drive 115VAC, two limit switches ABP2H14Z11, two limit switches ABP2H41Z11, two limit switches ABP2H35Z11, and one rotary servo plant. 

Thermal/Fluids Laboratory (EAB 104)

This is a 986 sq. ft. lab space that contains one program-built low velocity wind tunnel, one program-built water tunnel, one Hampden H-6925-CDL fluid flow trainer, one Hampdem H-6710-CDL refrigerator trainer, one Turbine Technologies Rankine cycler trainer, one Gilkes Plenum wheel turbine trainer, one Armfield hydraulic trainer bench with free and forced vortices, impact of a jet, and centrifugal pump, characteristics models, and one reciprocating air compressor.

Materials Testing Laboratory (EAB 119)

This is a 1398.50 sq. ft.lab that contains one MTS 100”kps” universal tester, one Tinius Olsen impact tester, five Rockwell standard hardness testers, one Tinius Olsen air Brinell hardness tester, one dual chamber heat treatment furnace, six Omega handheld thermocouple readers, two benchtop tensile/hardness testers, two benchtop torsion testers, one Detroit torsion tester, two United Test torsion testing machines, two rotary fatigue testers, one tube furnace with vacuum pump, one Makerbot z18 3D printer, and one Makerbot mini 3D printer.

Research Laboratory (EAB 209B)

Contains one Vision Engineering optical measuring machine.

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