Civil Engineering/SDCET Laboratory

Lab Manager: Dave Boyd, [email protected], 717-948-6749

Surveying Laboratory (EAB 111)

Within this 705.95 sq ft. laboratory there are six SECO prisms, oneMM-30RolAtape Measuremaster, six 100 ft metal tapes, six 20m tapes, four Crain prism poles, four Crain leveling rods, six Nikon D-50 total stations, one Sokkisha SET5/SET5S total station, three Sokkisha TS6 theodolites, three Sokkisha T60E theodolites,one Brunson Model theodolite, one Dietzgen Model theodolite, one Sokkisha B2 automatic level, two Sokkisha B2A automatic levels, four Keuffel &Esser levels, five Dietzgen levels, one Fuji Model T22 level, ten prisms, 12 Crain/Nikon prism poles, eight tripods, six 100 ft fabric tapes, ten 100 ft/30m metal tapes, two Crain CR-13T leveling rods, 25 range rods, six 25 ft Engineers Scale Komelon tapes.

Civil Engineering Materials/Structures Laboratory (EAB 116/117/118)

EAB 116 is 702 sq. ft., EAB 117 is 1256.8 sq. Ft., and EAB 118 is 1312.8 sq. ft.

Within this laboratory is one Extruderbot plastic extruder, three Dura Tap-Humboldt Manufacturing 8 inch sieve shakers, four sets of Humboldt Manufacturing 8 inch sieves, one Humboldt Manufacturing j-ring apparatus with smooth bars, one Humboldt Manufacturing j-ring apparatus with rebar rods, one Ohaus-Humboldt Manufacturing 60lb balance, one Humboldt Manufacturing 5 quart mixer and additional bowls, one Humboldt Manufacturing 10 gallon portable concrete mixer, one Humboldt Manufacturing digital cement calorimeter, one Humboldt Manufacturing specific gravity rice test, one Brookfield Engineering viscometer, one Humboldt Manufacturing cylinder splitter, one set of Humboldt Manufacturing vacuum pycnometer, one Humboldt Manufacturing vacuum pump with gauge, one Ohaus 4100g x 0.1 g precision scales, one Applied Test Systems furnace attachment for MTS insight, one Lortone lapidary saw, two Humboldt Manufacturing water baths, one Humboldt Manufacturing 20 quart mortar mixer, one Humboldt Manufacturing vibrating table, one Humboldt Manufacturing 10 inch digital comparator, one Humboldt Manufacturing 16 inch digital comparator, one Despatch-Humboldt Manufacturing high performance laboratory oven, one Humboldt Manufacturing e-meter for flexural resonance of concrete, one Humboldt Manufacturing portable 5 gallon mixer, one Humboldt Manufacturing 10 kg specific gravity setup with digital scale and center hook, one Humboldt Manufacturing 12 inch rotary sieve shaker, four sets of Humboldt Manufacturing 12 inch sieves, one set of Olson nondestructive testing equipment with computer and accessories, one Husqvana concrete saw, one Humboldt Manufacturing automatic VICAT machine, one EcoMet grinder/polisher, five Ohaus precisions standard metric scales, three Gilson SI/English electronic solution balances, one Blue M Electric Co. counter top over, one Blue M Electric Co. large over, two Gilson press-ur-meters, two Presstite Dividion press-ur-meters, two Soiltest Inc. press-ur-meters, one Humboldt Manufacturing specific gravity setups with digital scale and center hook, one Soiltest Inc. concrete test hammer, one Gilson Mixers concrete mixer, one Hotpoint chest freezer.

Geotechnical Laboratory (EAB 112)

Within this 991 sq. ft. laboratory is one Humboldt Manufacturing hydrometer bath, one Humboldt Manufacturing manual consolidation frame, one Humboldt Manufacturing standard proctor compaction testing equipment, one Humboldt Manufacturing falling head permeability setup, one Humboldt Manufacturing hydraulic extruder, two Humboldt Manufacturing hydraulic jacks, one Humboldt Manufacturing oven, one Humboldt Manufacturing freezer drying with refrigerator, three Gilson sieve shakers, one set of Gilson sieves, seven Geotest Inc.regular proctor test hammers, six Forney modified proctor test hammers, three Blue M Electric Co. single-wall transits, two Ohaus precisions standard metric scales.

Materials Laboratory (EAB119)

Within this 1398.5 sq. ft. laboratory is one Paragon heat treatment furnace, five Phase II+ Analog Testers rockwell standard hardness testers, six Omega hand-held thermocouple readers, two Terco bench top tensile/hardness testers, two Terco bench top torsion heaters, two Beijing United Test Co NJS-200S digital display manual torsion testing machines, one Wyoming Test Fixtures 3/8” shear fixture for 110 kip load frame, one Wyoming Test Fixtures ¼” shear fixture for 110 kip load frame.

Student Project Room (EAB 113)

Within this 35'2" X 19'11" room is one Powermatic drill press, one Jet band saw, one Craftsman table saw, one Grainger welding station, one Honda generator, one set of Craftsmen mechanic tools, one Craftsman compound miter saw, one Rikon bench sander, one Ridgid shop vac, one Dewalt metal cutting saw and cart, one Jet whole room air cleaner

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