NSF S-STEM Scholarship Application

Eligibility and full scholarship details are available on the NSF S-STEM Scholarship Program page.

As part of this application form, applicants will need to submit contact information for two (2) STEM teachers or professionals. Please have this information available before you begin the application process.

Student Information
Intended Program(s) of Study
Scholarship Information
Have you received this scholarship before?
(e.g. Fall 2012)
Please provide the names and email addresses of two teachers or STEM professionals who would be able to comment on your abilities and experiences in the STEM areas. They will be contacted directly via the email addresses you provide here, so please be accurate with this information.
First Reference
Second Reference

What makes you a good candidate for this scholarship? In about 300 words, please answer the following:

  • Explain how your personal and academic experiences have prepared you for a career in a STEM field.
  • Why are you interested in a STEM major at Penn State Harrisburg?
  • Include a list of extracurricular activities, membership and/or leadership activities in clubs/student councils, or any other honors or awards.

Acknowledgement Answer
  • I understand that this application does not guarantee acceptance into the NSF S-STEM Scholarship Program.
  • I give permission to have my academic record shared with the Program's selection committee.
  • If selected, I agree to fully participate in the Program.
  • I certify that the information within this application is true to the best of my knowledge.