Interdisciplinary Grants Instructions and Policies

Interdisciplinary Grants Instructions and Policies

Recently, the Office of Research and Graduate Studies announced a new research initiative in Interdisciplinary Research. Interdisciplinary Grant Application cycles will coincide with the Research Council grant deadlines, with one expected in mid-late October and another expected in mid-late March each academic year. Late Submissions will not be considered!

Interdisciplinary Projects: This competition will fund proposals from two or more Penn State Harrisburg faculty members for seed projects that are truly INTERDISCIPLINARY in nature, as defined:

  1. Projects involve interdisciplinary problems (for example, more global concepts than from one discipline) that could not be addressed within one research area.
  2. Projects include Capital College faculty and incorporate investigative approaches from at least two different disciplines at Capital College. IN MOST CASES, the projects will INVOLVE FACULTY FROM TWO DIFFERENT SCHOOLS AT CAPITAL COLLEGE. If the faculty investigators are within the same School, strong justification of the separate disciplines will be required.
  3. Since one purpose of the program is to stimulate the formation of new collaborative teams addressing truly interdisciplinary research, established collaborative teams who already have funding on related projects will not likely be funded under this venue.

Funding: Maximum funding for these proposals will be $10,000 for one year. Budget guidelines are similar to those for the RCG proposals. For example, these funds cannot be used to cover faculty salaries.

Review: The review will be handled similarly to that for the RCG Grants: each proposal will be reviewed and scored by three members of the elected Research Council Grant Committee. PIs of unfunded proposals will receive critiques and are invited to revise and resubmit for the next grant deadline.

Proposal Guidelines

The proposal format will be identical to that for the RCG proposals. If you need copies of the application documents, please either access the RCG competition announcement sent each semester or ask Cyndi ([email protected]) in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies for a hard copy.

School Director endorsements must be included from all School Directors of the Co-Investigator team. And the completed PSU Internal Review Form (please see Lisa Murray to learn the process for PIAFs) must be completed and signed prior to submission for review.