Parent Letter

Penn State Harrisburg Aquatics Center

Learn to Swim Program

The Aquatics Staff is pleased to have you join us! Our goal is to provide a safe and positive learning experience for you and your child and we are counting on your support and cooperation with the following policies to help us achieve our goal.

  • A brief orientation to our program will be provided on the first day of class. Please plan to stay for this informative session.
  • After children are met by their instructors, parents and accompanying siblings will need to leave the pool area and wait for swimmers in the CUB Lobby. This is less distracting for swimmers and instructors alike. You will be permitted to observe the last 5 minutes of each class from the ramp area only.
  • Parking on Campus requires the purchase of a parking pass. You may purchase a daily pass for $2 per day or you may purchase a yearly pass for $40 per year. Yearly passes are available at the Parking Permit office. For further information, please call 717-948-6006.
  • The pool is located in the Capital Union Building. Please be sure to stop at the CUB Front Desk and check in before proceeding to the locker rooms and pool area.
  • Street Shoes create unsanitary conditions on the pool deck, and are not permitted on the pool deck. Upon arrival please go directly to the pool ramp and wait with your child. 
  • Protect children by not allowing them to climb on furniture, railings, window sills, benches and walls.
  • You may make use of the locker rooms located in the hallway leading to the pool. Boys and girls may be in the opposite gender locker room with the appropriate parent until they are 5 years of age. Once they turn 5 they must be with the same gender parent in a locker room, change on their own in the locker room or use the restroom on the pool deck. You may store belongings in a locker but must provide your own lock and it may not be left on the locker when you are not in the building.
  • Plan to arrive early enough so that your child can use the bathroom before entering the pool area.
  • Showers are required for all persons using the pool. They will be provided pool-side.
  • Hair that will get in the eyes when wet needs to be securely pulled back away from the face or in a bathing cap. Hair in the face is a distraction and prohibits children from opening their eyes and learning proper breathing technique. Caps are available for purchase at the CUB 1st floor Front Desk.
  • We love goggles! You are welcome to bring a pair. Sometimes we practice without them.
  • In order to maintain the quality of our lessons and the integrity of class size and content, make-ups for missed classes are not available.

Remember, learning to swim is an ongoing process, not something that is completed in eight lessons. Each child will master skills when they are physically and emotionally ready. Let your child know that you are proud of their efforts but resist the temptation to compare your child with another.

Again, WELCOME to our program and THANK YOU for entrusting your children to our care. Please feel free to talk with your child’s instructor after class or if you prefer, call me at 717-948-6664 with any questions or concerns about your child’s swimming experience here at Penn State Harrisburg.

Yours in swimming,

Craig Merkey
Associate Director of Recreation and Aquatics
Penn State Harrisburg