Required Courses

  • P ADM 517 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: HISTORY AND EVOLUTION (3) This course provides an overview of the history, development, and current role of nonprofit organizations as a distinguishing feature of American society. Students will trace the evolution of nonprofit organizations in the United States from Colonial times to the present, focusing on the definition, legal foundations, missions, and accomplishments of these entities. Students will review various nonprofit sectors including healthcare, education, religion, human services, advocacy, and the arts.
  • P ADM 518 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP (3) This course is designed to review the theory and examine the practice of leadership and management in nonprofit organizations. Students will examine the mission, organizational structure, resources, and work processes in the nonprofit sector.
  • P ADM 519 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT (3) This course examines the theory, strategies, and practices for securing and managing resources for a nonprofit organization. Students will study a variety of fund-raising and other resource acquisition strategies and will examine mechanisms for prudent management of these resources.

Elective Courses: (choose one)

  • P ADM 510 ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR (3) An examination of concepts of human behavior in formal organizations, systems analysis, conceptual models, and decision processes.
  • P ADM 514 PUBLIC ORGANIZATION AND MANAGERIAL CONSULTATION (3) A review of the theories, approaches, methods, and expected outcomes of organization and management consultation.
  • P ADM 516 STRATEGIC PLANNING (3) A survey of strategic planning purposes, approaches, and methods, and expected outcomes in small and large organizations.
  • P ADM 522 GOVERNMENT FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (3) A study of the theories and techniques of financial planning and control, with emphasis on their application in government and nonprofit agencies.
  • P ADM 523 GOVERNMENTAL AND NONPROFIT ACCOUNTING (3) An examination of accounting, reporting, and auditing principles and procedures for public sector agencies and nonprofit organizations.
  • P ADM 550 PROGRAM PLANNING AND EVALUATION (3) An introduction to the theoretical issues in and basic methods of policy and program evaluation.

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