FYS Cocurricular Activities FAQ

What if I register for an event and do not attend?
You are expected to delete your registration one business day prior to the event. There is no grade penalty for a missed event, but it is a courtesy to others who wish to attend.

Can I attend an event even if I am not registered for it?
Yes, provided there is space. Space is determined by the number of seats in the room. Students who have registered will have first priority.

How do I remove myself from the registration list if I find out I cannot attend an event?
There is an option to drop the cocurricular on the main page. This is available up to one business day before the event. If you find you cannot attend after that time, you cannot drop the event.

How many cocurriculars do I have to do?
Consult your course syllabus or ask your instructor. Typically three are required and one of the three must be an advising event.

Do I have to complete the pre-event questions and the post-event survey?
There is no grade penalty if you do not, but please do so. If you provide information, questions, and evaluation to the presenters, they will consider and use that information (whenever possible) either in planning for the event or in revising the workshop for the next semester.

Does the presenter view my survey?
The presenters are sent a list of the ratings and comments at the end of the semester. They use this information to plan for the next year. However, your name is removed from the list, so the presenters see only the ratings and comments without knowing who wrote them.