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Step 1: Agreement for Recording Policy

I agree that I will not use this SmartPen to record if, at any time during any class session, the instructor withdraws permission.

I agree that I will be the only user of this SmartPen and any recording I make will NOT be shared, published, posted, or rebroadcast.

I understand that it is against the law in Pennsylvania to record without knowledge or consent and that criminal prosecution is possible if I violate this law.

Placing your initials in the box below indicates that you have read and will follow the recording policy as stated above.
Step 2: Instructor Permissions
You will be notified when the instructor(s) have replied to your request. The instructor must reply to your request and must agree to allow the use. If the instructor does not reply to your request within one week, contact the Learning Center at 717.948.6475 or
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Must be a PSU e-mail. (e.g.