Doctoral Alumni Placements

The American Studies Program boasts an impressive roster of alumni who have gone on to excel in diverse and impactful careers. Driven by their interdisciplinary training and deep understanding of American society and culture, our alumni have made significant contributions in academia, museums, historical institutions, and beyond.

Below is a list of some of the positions our alumni currently hold:

  • Dr. Trevor Blank (Ph.D. 2011), Associate Professor of English at SUNY Potsdam.
  • Dr. Amy Milligan (Ph.D. 2012), Batten Endowed Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and Women’s Studies at Old Dominion University.
  • Dr. Peter Lehman (Ph.D. 2012) History Professor and Archivist at Hesston College.
  • Dr. Jennifer Rachel Dutch (Ph.D. 2013), Associate Professor and Chair of English at York University.
  • Dr. David Puglia (Ph.D. 2015), Associate Professor and Deputy Chair of English at CUNY Bronx.
  • Dr. James McMahon (Ph.D. 2015) Curator and Director of Collections, Lancaster History.
  • Dr. Rebecca K. Johnson (Ph.D. 2016), Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Laboure College
  • Dr. Semontee Mitra (Ph.D. 2018), Assistant Teaching Professor of English, Penn State, University Park.
  • Dr. Peter Bryan (Ph. D. 2018), Lecturer of English, Clemson University.
  • Dr. Susan Asbury (Ph.D. 2019), Assistant Professor of History at Middle Georgia State University.
  • Dr. Mary Sellers (Ph.D. 2020), Associate Teaching Professor of English, Penn State, University Park
  • Dr. Denis Crawford (Ph. D. 2020), Historian and Exhibit Designer, College Football Hall of Fame.
  • Dr. Jessica Sheets (Ph.D. 2020), Oral Historian, US Marine Corps History Division.
  • Dr. Brittany Clark (Ph.D. 2021), Lecturer of English, Clemson University.
  • Dr. Annamarie Morel (Ph.D. 2020), Museum Manager, Treasure Island Museum.
  • Dr. Peter Glogovsky (Ph.D. 2022), Special Project Assistant for Collections, Mercer Museum.