Get Started (ITS for embed)

Access Account

Your Penn State Access Account consists of two parts—your user ID and password—and gives you access to many University services. 

  • User ID: Your unique user ID (or username) is automatically assigned to you and usually consists of your initials and a one- to five-digit number (such as xyz5000). This is the part you can share with others so they know where to send you email.
  • Password: This is part you of your account you do not share with others. It is used in conjunction with your user ID to log into protected Penn State Services.
  • See Additional Information regarding your Penn State account.


Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is an additional layer of security that requires verifying your identity on a secondary device.

Stay Safe 

The Office of Security (OIS) implements and maintains University-wide security programs.  We will help you understand the sensitivity of that information and teach you how to protect it.