Gathering Approval Request Form

For all events, meetings, and gatherings of 10-250 people

Please review the Gathering Approval Process page before completing this form.


  • Plans require prior approval by a unit or committee head (for student-run events, the club advisor) who will be copied on the approval request form submission.
  • Any in-person or hybrid gatherings/events/meetings of more than 10 people must be pre-approved before any resources (space, technology, etc.) may be allocated.
  • At this time, indoor events with more than 25 people are not permitted. This does not apply to classes, per the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
  • In addition, any virtual events/meetings that require specific campus space, specific equipment, and/or technical support also must be pre-approved.
  • Whenever possible, submit the request for approval at least one month in advance of the proposed date of the event.
Organizing Unit Information
Primary Contact Name
Organizing Unit
Academic Schools, Faculty Senate, Graduate Studies, Library
CFW, CORED, DEEC, SAC; seek pre-approval from Dr. Holly Angelique
Student Club/Organization Advisor Contact Information
The name (or working title) of the event
Describe the event, including the intended audience and how it fulfills the college mission.
Provide the total number of individuals expected to attend the meeting or event, which must include those working the event.
Event Type
Any indoor space, for meetings/events of 11-24 participants
Any outdoor space, including events using tents
Some participants in person and others are virtual
All event participants are online
If an in-person meeting/event is being proposed, provide justification as to why the meeting/event cannot take place virtually or in a hybrid format.
Describe the precautions you will take to ensure health and safety for all participants, including methods and means for social distancing, personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning procedures, etc. Note that masks and other required PPE must be worn if the event is indoors.
Technology Support
Do you require technology support (equipment, training, or staff) for your gathering?
Please provide any anticipated technology needs, such as equipment, training or staff support, especially if the meeting/event is virtual or hybrid.
Controlled Locations
Some locations require additional advance notice and approvals. If this event will be held in a "controlled location," please select it below.
Public Safety Support
Do you anticipate the need for support from University Police and Public Safety (e.g. traffic control, security, etc.)
Affirm Onsite Approval
All employees that plan to attend the meeting or event must have been approved via the Return to On-Site Work process.