SAP Change Request Form

Important Notes: 

  • Use one form submission per academic program or option.
  • All requests must align with the approved program curriculum as it is listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin.
  • Faculty/Staff use only.  

Questions? Contact Daniel Mercado at [email protected] or Vicki Psyck at [email protected]

Requester's Information

Note: A copy of this submission will be sent to the requester's email address.
Use full address, e.g. [email protected]. Note: copies will automatically be sent to Asst. Dean Holly Angelique and your School Director.

Change 1
(e.g. first, second, summer 2, etc.)
(e.g. CRSE 123)
e.g. move BIOL 220W to the fall semester; move BIOL 230W to spring, second year
Change 2

Change Two
Change 3
Change 3
Change 4
Change 4
Change 5
Change 5