Hoverter Foundation Trustee Education Scholarship


The Donor's intent in providing this gift to the University is to provide student support.


School of Behavioral Sciences and Education


Undergraduate Award


Consideration for this scholarship shall be given to undergraduate students enrolled or planning to enroll at Penn State Harrisburg who have a demonstrated financial need for funds to meet their necessary college expenses (the "General Eligibility Criteria"). The Office of Student Aid is responsible for identifying the eligible pool of students. From the identified pool of eligible recipients, and to the extent possible, preference shall be given to eligible recipients in the following order: 1. First preference shall be given to students majoring in an elementary education major; 2. Second preference shall be given to students planning to major in an elementary education major; 3. Third preference shall be given to students majoring in or planning to major in any education major. If no students meet the stated preferences in a given year or if there are sufficient funds to award additional scholarships beyond the eligible recipients who meet the stated preferences, available funds will be awarded to any student based on the General Eligibility Criteria, regardless of preference. The University may modify or disregard any selection criteria if determined to be contrary to law or then existing University policy. Each scholarship shall be awarded for one academic year and may be renewed for subsequent years providing the recipient continues to meet the conditions of eligibility and funds are available.

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