Description of Curriculum Development Process Flowchart

Curriculum Development Process

  1. Send to Program Chair and Faculty for Review; Consult with School Director
  2. Changes/Additions Made?
    1. Yes: Return to Step 1
    2. No:  Send to School Curriculum Committee Review (if applicable)
  3. Curriculum Committee Consults with Developer
  4. Changes/Additions Made?
    1. Yes: Return to Step 3
    2. No: Use Curriculum Review & Consultation System ( to request consultation. [This will send proposal to all people specifically selected for consultation, plus PSH Academic Affairs Committee.]  [Graduate program proposals do NOT use CRCS: paper copies must still be sent to our Faculty Senate Office.]
  5. Changes/Additions Made?
    1. Yes: Return to Step 4b
    2. No: Use CRCS (for undergraduate/graduate classes and UG program proposals) to request consultation from College Administrative Group [College Admin., Division Head, College Representative, College Dean]
  6. Senate Curricular Affairs Review (or Graduate Council for graduate proposals)
  7. Accept or Reject

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