Yonatan Tewelde, Ph.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor of Communication, School of Humanities
Professor-in-Charge, Master of Arts in Communications
777 W. Harrisburg Pike
Olmsted W005
Middletown, PA 17057

Dr. Yonatan Tewelde is a media and communication scholar, educator as well as a videographer and photographer. His areas of research interest lie on visual culture, intersectionality of transnationalism, diaspora, peace and new media. He earned a Ph.D. in Media Arts and Studies from the School of Media Arts and studies at Ohio University (2020), after completing his MA in Communication and Development from Ohio University (2017) and an M.A. of Communication from Yasar University in Turkey and Koblenz, RheinAhr University in Germany (2015), and a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Asmara, Eritrea (2005).

Dr. Tewelde has contributed publications in peer reviewed journals in the fields of visual culture, film, and journalism and has presented his work at several national and internationals conferences. He was awarded the Broadcast Education Association (BEA’s) 2021 "Keneth Harwood Award" for best doctoral dissertation in the field of broadcasting and electronic media for his study “Chatroom Nation: an Eritrean Case Study of a Diaspora Public” exploring creative uses of new media by diaspora communities for political activism and mobilization.

Dr. Tewelde also has industry experience as a cinematographer and editor producing several feature films, documentaries, music videos and commercials.

  • Visual Cultures
  • Semiotics
  • Participatory Media
  • Diaspora Communication Networks

Peer Reviewed:

Tewelde, Y., (2023). A Digital Quest for Peace: Diaspora Attempts in PalTalk for National Reconciliation. Afriche e Orienti. (94-112).

Tewelde, Y., (2023). Plotting Democratic Change in Chat Rooms: The Role of PalTalk as an Eritrean Diaspora Forum. University of Toronto Press. 23 (1)

Tewelde, Y. (2019). The Impact of European Christian Imagery on Contemporary Orthodox Tewahedo Iconography in Eritrea. Northeast African Studies, 19(2), 91-110.

Twelde, Y (2015). White Hotel. Journal of African Media Studies, 7 (3), 363–365.

Tewelde, Y (2014). Seeing the image of an Eritrean Hero. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 27(2), 172-180.

Tewelde, Y (2014). Foreign News Coverage in Eritrean Newspaper- Eritrea Profile. Journal of Yasar University, 9(35), 6099-6260.

Dissertation & Thesis:

Tewelde, Y. (2020). Chatroom Nation: an Eritrean Case Study of a Diaspora PalTalk Public. Ohio University.

Tewelde, Y. (2015). Skin whitening in contemporary Tewahdo Iconography. Yasar University.

Other Publications:

Tewelde, Y. (2016). Life itself. Living in Eritrea. Arteidolia.

Zere, A. and Tewelde, Y. (2016). "Not Necessarily Battered Reflection on Eritrean Children’s Photographs." Swifts & Slows: a quarterly of Crisscrossings, Arteidolia.

Tewelde, Y. (2016). " Music Video Production in Eritrea" , "Women in Eritrean Music", and "The live music scene in Eritrea." Music in Africa Magazine.

  • Ph.D. in Media Arts & Studies, Ohio University
  • M.A. in Communication and Development Studies, Ohio University
  • M.A. in Communication, Yasar University
  • B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication, Asmara University
COMM 215 Basic Photography for Communications
COMM 251 The Nature of Media
COMM 242 Basic Video / Filmmaking