Rajib Chowdhury, Ph.D.

Rajib Chowdhury
Assistant Professor of Finance, School of Business Administration
Olmsted Building, E356-Q
777 West Harrisburg Pike
E356Q Olmsted Building
Middletown, PA 17057

Rajib Chowdhury is an assistant professor in the School of Business Administration. His teaching focuses on corporate finance.

Rajib Chowdhury's research interests revolve around various areas of corporate finance. So far, his published works delve into the nuanced interplay between firms' corporate governance mechanisms, cash reserves, dividend policy, the value of cash holdings, and the impact of information asymmetry on financial decision-making. With a keen eye for empirical analysis, Rajib explores how asymmetric information affects firms' investment choices and valuations. This research contributes to the academic understanding of corporate finance and provides actionable insights for practitioners seeking to optimize cash management and investment strategies in dynamic market environments.

  • Corporate Bankruptcy
  • CEO Compensation
  • Corporate Governance
  • CSR
  • M&A
  • Corporate Cash Holding 
  • Hedging, Dividend Policy
  • Information Asymmetry
  • Geographic Influence

Publications list: Chowdhury, R., Doukas, J. A., & Mandal, S. (2023). CEO risk preferences, hedging intensity, and firm value. Journal of International Money and Finance, 130, 102751.

Chowdhury, R., & Doukas, J. A. (2022). Protection of trade secrets and value of cash holdings: Evidence from a natural experiment. Journal of Banking & Finance, 143, 106617.

Chowdhury, R., & Doukas, J. A. (2022). Are CEOs to blame for corporate failure? Evidence from chapter 11 filings. Review of Corporate Finance, 2(1).

Chowdhury, R., Doukas, J. A., & Park, J. C. (2021). Stakeholder orientation and the value of cash holdings: Evidence from a natural experiment. Journal of Corporate Finance, 69, 102029.

Ph.D., Finance, Old Dominion University
MBA, Finance, Iowa State University