Michael J. Swogger, D.Ed.

Michael J. Swogger, D.Ed.
Associate Teaching Professor of Social Studies Education, School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
Program Coordinator, Certification Program in Secondary Education: English
Program Coordinator, Certification Program in Secondary Education: Mathematics
Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Social Science in Secondary Education Social Studies
Program Coordinator, Certification Program in Secondary Education: Social Studies
Olmsted Building, W331
  • Social studies curriculum and instruction
  • Issues of race, ethnicity, culture, diversity, and justice in American education
  • Education history

Sprow-Forte, K., Wilburne, J.M., & Swogger, M.J. (2022). Building a teacher residency collaborative: Mapping the synergistic activities to the continuum of clinical partnership development and growth. In D. Polly & E. Garin (Eds.) Preparing quality teachers: Advances in clinical practices (pp. 223-240). Information Age Publishing.

Swogger, M. J. (2017). Race and the WPA slave narratives: A lesson in historiography. Social Education, 81(6), pp. 385-388.

Swogger, M. J. (2016). Commitment to social justice transcends the standards. In R. Agarwal-Rangnath, A. G. Dover and N. Henning (Eds.), Preparing to teach social studies for social justice: The letters.

D.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, IUP

M.Ed., Teaching and Curriculum, PSU

B.S.S., Secondary Education Social Studies , PSU

EDPSY 14: Learning and Instruction
EDUC 353: Teaching Elementary Social Studies
EDUC 400: Diversity and Cultural Awareness Issues in the K12 Classroom
EDUC 415: Teaching Secondary Social Studies
EDUC 806: Curriculum Development and Instructional Design
GEOG 040: World Regional Geography
GEOG 126: Economic Geography
GEOG 128: Geography of International Affairs