Laura Heisick, Ph.D.

Laura Heisick, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor of Psychology, School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
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Olmsted Building, W311
W311 Olmsted Building
Penn State Harrisburg
Middletown, PA 17057

    Laura Heisick earned a Ph.D. in psychology from the Cognitive and Brain Sciences program at Louisiana State University, and she is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Penn State Harrisburg. Her research interests include human memory processes and face perception from both basic and applied perspectives. Dr. Heisick's work investigates the difficulties and failures of unfamiliar face perception, consequences of forgetting on purpose and by accident, and physiological indices of memory, such as eye movements and pupil dilation. She is currently teaching in the undergraduate psychology program.

    Research Interests

    Unfamiliar face perception and matching

    Social aspects of face perception

    Prospective person memory

    Successes and failures of memory, including forgetting, false memory, and source errors

    Physiological indices of memory, such as eye movements or pupil dilation


    Ph.D. (Louisiana State University)

    Course Schedule
    Introduction to General Psychology
    Introduction to Personality Psychology
    Introduction to Social Psychology
    Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
    Basic Research Methods in Psychology
    Advanced Cognitive Psychology