James T. Ziegenfuss Jr., Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Management and Health Care Systems, School of Public Affairs

Professor Ziegenfuss teaches in the graduate programs in Health and Public Administration and coordinates the non-profit and human resources certificates. At the Penn State Medical College, he is adjunct professor of medicine (1988 to present), co-directed the physician fellowships program in quality for ten years and has been Evaluation Coordinator for the six-year organization change project sponsored by Robert Wood Johnson/Pew (Redesigning Patient Care Systems) and for the Diversity in Medical Education Project.

Dr. Ziegenfuss has written over 150 articles for journals and conferences and has authored thirteen books. He received the distinguished service award from the American College of Medical Quality in 1999 for his contributions in education and research and has been Associate Editor of the American Journal of Medical Quality since 1989. Dr. Ziegenfuss' monograph, Country and Community Health Systems: The Futures and Systems Redesign Approach was presented in Madrid and was top prize in the Latin American 1998 international manuscript competition (translated to Spanish and published by the Pan American Health Organization in 1999). A second monograph, Building Citizen Participation: The Purposes, Tools and Impact of Involvement won second prize in the international competition in 2000, was presented in Santo Domingo, and was published by the Center for Latin American Administrative Reform, Caracas, Venezuela. In November 2004, he received the Regents Award for Senior Health Care Executives for leadership and management (American College of Healthcare Executives). At the annual meeting in Baden Baden Germany in 2005, he was elected Fellow of the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research & Cybernetics (IIAS) for his innovative research contributions to health care systems and medicine.

His 2007 book: Customer Friendly: The Organizational Architecture of Service (Rowman & Littlefield May, 2007) was named an Outstanding Academic title for 2007 by ALA and was Book of the Year for the IIAS. His newest book is Creating America's Future: Stopping Decay with Citizens, Students and Strategies (Roman & Littlefield/University Press, August 2008). He is an active consultant to public and private organizations - his education, research, and consulting work has been supported by more than 75 organizations including academic medical centers, associations, hospitals, banks and non-profit organizations.

Professional Affiliations

  • Academy of Management
  • American Psychological Association
  • American College of Medical Quality
  • American College of Health Care Executives & local chapter
  • Associate Editor : American Journal of Medical Quality: 1989-present
  • Editorial Board : International Journal of Therapeutic Communities: 1979-Present (Group Relations/ Organizational Dynamics)
  • Editorial Board : Public Budgeting and Financial Management: 1995-present
  • Strategy/strategic planning, particularly formation process.
  • Quality management/customer service – through organizational design.

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B.A.; M.A.; M.P.A.; Ph.D. (Wharton)