Ilhan Kucukaydin, D.Ed.

(He, Him, His)
Ilhan Kucukaydin
Web Manager, Marketing and Communications
W101 Olmsted Building
Penn State Harrisburg
Middletown, PA 17057

Dr. Kucukaydin (pronouns: he, him, his) received his doctorate degree in adult education from Penn State University. His research interests are equality in education, technology, adult education, critical pedagogy, and “counter-learning under oppression,” which is a way of learning he explored in his dissertation. Counter-learning is an individual and social learning and unlearning process that works against indoctrination and it encompasses rational, emotional, lingual, moral, and behavioral manifestations. Counter-learning is a negation of submission to the given reality.

External Academic Profiles

  • Adult Learning
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Counter-learning under oppression
  • Critical technology

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B.A.; M.A.; D.Ed. (Penn State)