Dinesh R. Pai, Ph.D.

Dinesh R. Pai, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management, School of Business Administration
Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Science in Project and Supply Chain Management
Professor-in-Charge, Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Supply Chain and Operations Management
Management Professor-in-Charge, Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Supply Chain and Operations Management
Olmsted Building, E335 H

Dr. Pai completed his Ph.D. in supply chain management at Rutgers University prior to joining Penn State Lehigh. He joined Penn State Harrisburg in the fall of 2011. He served as the president of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI) from 2022 to 2023. Dr. Pai also brings to the classroom corporate experience, having worked in various project management and operations-type positions. His research has appeared in well-regarded journals, such as the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, Business Process Management Journal, Health Care Management Science, Health Systems, International Journal of Production Economics, Information Technology and Management, Internal and Emergency Medicine, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Journal of Rural Health, and Marketing Intelligence and Planning, among others. Additionally, he has presented his research at prominent regional and international conferences.

Professional Affliations

  • Center for Supply Chain Research at Penn State
  • Decision Sciences Institute (DSI)
  • Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (IIIE)

External Academic Profiles

  • Supply chain management
  • Business analytics
  • Operations management in the service and healthcare industry
  • Research methodologies mainly include multivariate statistical methods
  • Mathematical programming

Pai, D. R., Pakdil, F. & Fard, N.A. (2024). Applications of data envelopment analysis in acute care hospitals: A systematic literature review, 1984-2022. Health Care Management Science. Accepted February 2024.

Moatari-Kazerouni, A., Pai, D. R., Chicas, A. E., & Keramati, A. (2023). How Blockchain Technology Supports the Business Processes of Clinical Trials: A Systematic Review. Business Process Management Journal. https://doi.org/10.1108/BPMJ-04-2023-0301

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Pai, D. R., Dissanayake, C. K. & Anna, A. (2023). A comparison of critical access hospitals and other rural acute care hospitals in Pennsylvania. Journal of Rural Health. Accepted for publication. https://doi.org/10.1111/jrh.12755/p>

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Pai, D. R., Rajan, B., Jairath, P. & Rosito, S. R. (2022). Predicting hospital admission from emergency department triage data for patients presenting with fall-related fractures. Internal and Emergency Medicine. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11739-022-03100-y

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 Ph.D., (Rutgers)

BUS 510: Business Analytics and Data Modeling
MNGMT 522: Operations and Supply Chain Management
SCM 301: Supply Chain Management
SCIS 570 - Supply Chain Engineering
MIS 301 - Business Analytics