Daniel Buckley, Ph.D.

Daniel Buckley
Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy, Religion and Humanities, School of Humanities
777 West Harrisburg Pike
Olmsted Building
Middletown, PA 17057

Prior to joining Penn State Harrisburg, he worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Kansas State University.

Buckley, D. (2022) Against Evidential Minimalism, Episteme, 1-20.

Buckley, D. (2021) Varieties of Epistemic Instrumentalism. Synthese, 198:9293-9313.
Special Issue on Instrumentalism about Epistemic Rationality.

Works in Progress

Evidence and Epistemic Normativity: A Social-Accountability Approach (completed manuscript)

Epistemic Accountability without Epistemic Blame (in preparation)

Does Epistemology Have a Normative Question? (in preparation)

Ph.D, Indiana University, Bloomington

A Social-Accountability Approach to Epistemic Normativity