A. Patricia Aguilera-Hermida, D.Ed.

Aguilera Hermida
Associate Teaching Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies
Olmsted Building, W314
W314 Olmsted Building
Penn State Harrisburg
Middletown, PA 17057

Dr. Patty Aguilera is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State Harrisburg. She earned her doctorate in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education. Dr. Aguilera holds an M.S. in Psychology and completed a residency in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has been teaching since 1995 at the graduate and undergraduate level. In addition to her teaching, Dr. Aguilera worked as a clinical therapist and supervisor and created a school for older adults in Mexico.

Her research has most recently focused on topics related to older adults such as intergenerational relationships, education for older adults, ageism, community well-being, and strategies to promote cognitive health. One of her passions is neuroplasticity.

D.Ed. (Penn State University)

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