Silenced Voices: Invisibilities on Campus

Silenced Share their Stories

Silenced Voices: Invisibilities on campusSILENCED VOICES transcend age, background, race, gender, sexuality, and (dis)abilities. Silencing happens when people feel that they do not have a voice to speak their truths. In 2018, the Diversity and Educational Equity Committee (DEEC) is organizing a series of events on the theme SILENCED VOICES: INVISIBILITIES ON CAMPUS. For our first event, we invite you to compose and view stories of silencing on an ANONYMOUS platform .

Through sharing stories, understanding is enhanced, the oppressed are empowered, and community is built. Stories shared will be projected on TV monitors around campus in Spring 2018 and later will be turned into a theatrical performance. To add your voice, click on the plus sign (+) in the Padlet link under the category that best matches the story you would like to share. Different medium options are provided.